Bedroom Olympics Rio 2016 Infographic

Let’s face it; exercise is not always top of our agendas. With the Rio Olympics imminent, we may be feeling more unfit than usual as we watch the fittest people in the world winning their events. Have you even wondered how many calories those athletes burn in the Olympics? The answer is, surprisingly few…

The high-fitness of the athletes reduces the calories they burn in each event. So, it is perfectly possible for you to do an equivalent workout from the comfort of your own home – or even your own bed. Bedroom Olympics shows you the sex positions equating to the calories burnt and the muscles used in several Olympic events. So you can really get in on the action.

Remember, getting in shape is no reason to compromise your sexual health! If you're sexually active you should undergo regular screening for STI's, and seek treatment if you need it. Always use appropriate contraception if you're having unprotected sex. If you're looking to increase the duration of your workout, we can also help with ED treatments like Sildenafil and EMLA Cream if our doctors feel you are a suitable candidate.