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How to Avoid Counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction Medication

With the rise of the internet, the trade in counterfeit drugs has grown dramatically. This became such a problem, that the UK government have agreed to offer over-the-counter Viagra Connect, to help curb the problem. Counterfeit drugs are at best inactive and at worst, life-threatening. There are two golden rules to buying medication online:

Only buy from a registered online pharmacy

All legitimate online pharmacies should clearly display their official status and relevant regulatory bodies. For UK based online pharmacies this includes a General Pharmaceutical Council green cross with the Pharmacy GPhC registration number, MHRA regulated medications and GMC registered doctors. Pharmacies may also demonstrate their quality and commitment to excellence as a member of Numark. If you are buying from a pharmacy abroad, you should check how it meets the pharmacy regulations within its own country and what these regulations mean.



Check your medications when you receive them

When you receive your medications, first check the expiry date. This should be displayed on the box and the blister pack or bottle etc. Next you should check that the printing on the box is clear and that the manufacturer logos are found on the box and internal packaging i.e. blister packs. You should then check the colour and shape of your pills and that they have the correct markings on. These aspects may vary for generic versions, but an online search should be able to help you identify the specific pill. We’ve provided you with a summary of the identifying features of some of the most popular branded ED medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Spedra.

Viagra - Viagra is a blue, rounded-diamond shape tablet. One side is marked “PFIZER” and the other side is marked “V” followed by a number that reflects the dosage i.e. 50mg tablet will have “V50” on one side. The tablets measure 11.2mm x 8.1 mm.

Cialis  - Cialis is a yellow-orange teardrop shape tablet. One side is marked with a distinctive “C”. On some fake pills, this letter may be absent or in a different font, so check carefully. The “C” is followed by a number indicating the dosage i.e. 20mg dosage will have “C 20” on one side, 2.5mg dosage will have “C 2 1/2”. The edges of the pill should be smooth and rounded with a sharp line. The size of Cialis pills vary by dosage.

Levitra - Levitra is an orange circular pill. The Bayer logo (a cross made of a vertical “BAYER” and a horizontal “BAYER” intersecting each other), is embossed on one side. The other side is marked with a large number indicating the dosage i.e. “2.5” or “10” etc.

Spedra - Spedra is still within its patent, meaning that currently, only Menarini (the original manufacturer) are able to manufacture Spedra. It is for this reason that there is no generic Spedra (a.k.a. Avanafil) on the market. Anything that claims to be a generic form of Spedra (Avanafil) is therefore fake. Spedra pills are oval in shape, and a pale yellow/orange colour. One side of the pill is embossed with a number relating to the dosage i.e. 50mg dosage will have “50” on one side. The other side is blank.

Is Dr Felix Pharmacy Legitimate?

Yes, Dr Felix only sources genuine medicine from British pharmaceutical suppliers regulated by the MHRA, so you can be sure you are getting the exact same medicine as you would if you walked into any NHS pharmacy in the UK. Dr Felix’s Pharmacy GPhC registration number is 1102064. Dr Felix only uses GMC registered doctors and is a Member of Numark.

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