Can a vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction?

Does a vasectomy really lead to ED?

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure in which the tubes that allow sperm to exit the penis are blocked off. Erectile dysfunction (ED) as a result of a vasectomy is extremely rare and usually only occurs if there has been a problem with the operation, such as infection.

The tube that connects the testicles to the outside world is often cut or sealed to prevent them from exiting the body during ejaculation. After a while, this will prevent a man from impregnating a woman with his sperm. This tube is not important in getting or maintaining an erection, so erectile function should not be affected.

Every surgical procedure has potential complications. It is possible that infection or unwanted damage may occur. This may contribute to erectile dysfunction, but the risk is very low. A vasectomy is a relatively simple outpatient operation and you can go home the same day. Therefore, if you follow the recommended aftercare, it is unlikely that you will experience any other symptoms, especially erectile dysfunction.


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