Can you buy Fexofenadine over the counter in the UK?

Fexofenadine vs over-the-counter antihistamines


Fexofenadine - also known as Telfast and Allegra - is a potent antihistamine. This makes it very effective, but also means that the side effects can be severe for some people. In rare cases, it can cause full body aches, continuous coughing and severe allergic reactions or flu symptoms. While these side effects are not common, they are problematic enough that the drug is only available via prescription in the UK. If you are suffering from severe allergy symptoms or hay fever, you may wish to contact our GMC registered doctors through our online consultation service to discuss receiving a prescription for your problem. 

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Is Fexofenadine safe for children?

Fexofenadine is considered dangerous to give to children. It is usually only prescribed to children over two years of age, except for the treatment of hives. Children under six months should never be given the drug. If you are looking for Fexofenadine for your child, take them to see their family doctor for a full assessment.

Fexofenadine vs. over-the-counter allergy medication?

Fexofenadine is a potent antihistamine used to treat allergy symptoms, particularly hay fever and hives. There are several over-the-counter alternatives to Fexofenadine, however they may not be as potent. You may find some relief from over-the-counter options, but if you require something stronger, we recommend using our online consultation service which prescription medications may be available. 

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