Can you use cling film instead of a condom?

Does it work?


There are few things more annoying than finding out you’ve run out of condoms just when you need one. You may find yourself wondering if there’s anything else you can use instead. Unfortunately, cling film (plastic wrap) is not a sensible replacement for using a condom.

Why can’t I use cling film?

As you know, cling film is not designed for sex. Cling film is thicker than the material used in condoms, so you’re less likely to feel what’s going on, but more importantly, it is more prone to tearing, and will not provide you with a good fit. This means that it’s likely to be a lot messier, than sex with a condom, and there’s a much higher chance that the cling film with break or slip, allowing sperm to enter the vagina. Admittedly, there are no studies that actually explore the rate of pregnancy when using a cling film wrapped penis, but frankly, it’s not worth the risk.

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What should I do instead?

If you can’t find a condom, it doesn’t mean that you and your partner can’t still have fun. If you are both clean and not at risk of passing STIs to each other, oral or anal sex can be a good alternative, so long as you’re both comfortable with that. And don’t forget that your hands or sex toys can be a great alternative to penetrative sex.

If STIs are still a concern for you and your partner, it is probably best to avoid all contact that could pass them on. It has been suggested by Healthline that cling film actually could be a suitable replacement for an oral dam. Cling film is designed to act as a barrier to protect food, so it should also have a similar function in preventing transmission of STIs. It can be a bit easier to keep everything in the right place during oral sex, but you still need to be careful, because cling film could tear or slip more easily.

Is there anything I could use instead of a condom?

Short answer - no! Condoms are all rigorously tested by their manufacturers to ensure that they are a safe and effective method of contraception. They protect against both pregnancy and STIs. Coming up with home-made alternatives, or even reusing a condom can be completely ineffective. If you ever feel tempted, remember the potential consequences are an unwanted pregnancy and a handful of STIs. If you ended up with either of those, you’d probably regret your improvisation.

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