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Non-hormonal contraceptive methods

One of the most popular types of contraception is the pill. While this may be a convenient method of preventing pregnancy, some women experience unpleasant side effects from taking hormones and may wish to explore other options. 

Birth Control

Stopping the pill

The pill can be used for as long as you need it. You may wish to stop taking it if you want to get pregnant or if it's causing side effects. If you are planning to switch from one type of pill to another then make sure you read the instructions c...

Birth Control

The Contraceptive Pill and Period Delay

There are certain occasions where having your period is just plain inconvenient and can disrupt certain activities. This might be a holiday, wedding or sporting event. Whatever the reason, you might want to delay your period so that it doesn’t ...

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Long-Term Hormonal Contraceptive Methods

If you’re thinking about long-term hormonal contraception, there are three main choices: the coil (sometimes called an IUD or IUS), the implant, and the contraceptive injection. Before making your choice it’s important to understand a bit...

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Drugs that affect the pill

When you're prescribed with any medication, your doctor will usually ask you about any other medicine you are taking. This is so that they can make sure you don't take anything that will interact with each other, including the contraceptive p...

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Is it possible to get pregnant on the pill?

The pill is used daily by millions of women to protect against pregnancy. When it's used correctly, the pill is over 99% effective. This means that less than 1 in 100 women will get pregnant over the course of a year as a result of using the pill...

Birth Control

Contraception- what it is and why it matters

Contraception is something that stops sexual intercourse between men and women resulting in pregnancy. Also referred to as birth control, it's an essential thing to consider for any adult or young person who is sexually active. 

Birth Control

The Mini Pill

The mini pill is another name for the progesterone only pill. It's a form of hormonal contraceptive containing synthetic versions of the progesterone hormone to prevent unwanted pregnancy. When used properly, it's 99% effective. 

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