Do colds and flu make asthma worse?

Will my asthma flare-up when I'm ill?


The cold and flu viruses are a common trigger for many people who have asthma as they cause your airways to become more inflamed and produce excess mucus. This makes it harder to breathe as there is less room for air to get through, which can easily exacerbate your asthma symptoms.

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Things you can do

While it’s impossible to prevent catching a cold, there are things you can do to lower your chances of getting sick.

  • Get the flu jab- this will be available to you free of charge if you have been prescribed medication for asthma. If you get it in early Autumn you’ll be protected during flu season.

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after being in public places, to reduce your risk of catching a cold.

  • Discuss your symptoms with a doctor if you notice they are getting worse. Dr Felix can help to make sure you’ve got the right medication to ease your symptoms.

  • Avoid sharing towels or cups with anyone in your household with a cold to limit your risk of catching it.

Ensuring you look after yourself and reviewing your existing treatment will make dealing with the cold or flu easier alongside your asthma. Don’t suffer in silence, reach out to Dr Felix if you are concerned.


Does cold weather affect Asthma?

Colder weather is another common trigger for asthma. The cold air can restrict your airways and cause asthma symptoms to get worse. Using a preventer inhaler (such as a Serotide Evohaler) can help you to manage this, and will aid you in dealing with symptoms of the cold too. Making sure you wrap up warm and get enough sleep and nutritious meals will help you to deal with your asthma during the winter months.

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