Does female ejaculation exist?

The question that every woman wants to ask!


Whether or not female ejaculation exists is an interesting question, particularly as pornographic films which feature this phenomenon have been banned in the UK since December 2014.

The subject of female ejaculation and whether or not it exists has been a subject of great controversy and there have been references to its possible existence as far back as 4th century China and even as early as the third century BC by Hippocrates and in the Kama Sutra.  The question of female ejaculation continued to be a subject of secrecy and so fascination for centuries but it was not until the early 1900s that any progress was made and they began to investigate the origins of this mysterious emission.

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What is female ejaculation?

Ejaculation occurs when fluid which is not necessarily urine passes out of the body, down the urethra (the tube from the bladder) during arousal or climax.  It is not the fluid produced in the vagina for lubrication purposes.

In fact, it appears that 10 - 40% of women experience the emission of between 30ml and 150ml of fluid during orgasm and so it is not as common as we may have been led to believe although this is only one study and some studies might say that it is much more common than this. Some women express a small amount of milky white fluid from their urethra when they climax whereas others emit a far larger quantity of fluid which may make it look as though they have wet the bed.

We need to discuss what the ‘ejaculate’ consists of;  it has been suggested that the fluid is in fact urine which is passed during the sexual act and is akin in some way to incontinence.  If we can show that the emission is not urine but is, in fact, some other type of fluid then we are on our way to proving the existence of female ejaculation!


What is the source of the female ejaculate?

It appears that there are in fact two forms of fluid that can be ejected during intercourse:-

  • The squirting fluid which is colourless and odourless and may occur in large quantities
  • Ejaculate fluid which more closely resembles male semen as it is thicker and milky in appearance.

When the fluid was analysed, it was found that it contained prostatic acid phosphatase (PSA) which is an enzyme found in male semen and its presence aids the mobility of the sperm.

It was also found that this fluid contained fructose which is a form of sugar also found in male semen;  it is there as a source of energy for the sperm

It is now believed by experts that the PSA and fructose originate in the ‘Skene’s’ glands which are situated on the inner front wall of the vagina, near to the area believed to be the ‘G’ spot.  Research has led to the belief that sexual stimulation causes these glands to produce the fructose and PSA which are then expelled from the glands into the urethra.

Other names for these glands are the paraurethral glands, Garter’s duct and female prostate


Is this fluid urine?

As we mentioned earlier it was long believed that reports of female ejaculation were related to continence issues but research has since disproved this but each type of fluid is different.

The squirting fluid closely resembles watered down urine but with small amounts of PSA in it, not found in urine, however, the ejaculate fluid consists of prostate enzymes with just a hint of urea.  Whilst both these emissions contain urea, neither of them is the same as urine so it dispels the long-held theory.



On the basis that neither form of the liquid that is ‘ejaculated’ by some women during sexual intercourse is the same as urine, we can say that female ejaculation does actually exist



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