Fexofenadine and alcohol

Can you drink while taking Fexofenadine for hay fever?


Fexofenadine is a potent antihistamine, designed to help you control allergy symptoms. Alcohol is known to intensify the side effects created by antihistamines, so it is best to avoid drinking alcohol when taking Fexofenadine. The common side effects of nausea, diarrhoea, headaches and muscle pain, can become a lot worse if you consume alcohol.

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How much can I drink with Fexofenadine?

If you are going to drink alcohol whilst you take Fexofenadine, you need to be aware of the potential for worsened side effects and only drink in moderation. It is also better to only drink after you have been taking the drug for several days. This allows you to know the typical effects of Fexofenadine upon your body, so you can better understand how it affects you when you drink alcohol.


How long after taking Fexofenadine, should I wait before drinking?

After you have stopped taking Fexofenadine, you may still have some residual medication in your body. You should be aware that the potential for exaggerated side effects still exists for several days after you stop taking the Fexofenadine. 

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