Fexofenadine side effects

What you should know before taking Fexofenadine for hay fever

As an antihistamine, Fexofenadine is used to treat allergy symptoms. It is used to treat a variety of allergy symptoms, and while it cannot get rid of the root cause of the problem (the allergen), it does help to control the many symptoms.

However, there are many side effects that are linked with taking this drug. The most common include headache, nausea, upset stomach, menstrual cramps, muscular pain, and diarrhoea. Most people who experience these side effects experience very mild versions of them. If you have symptoms that could be considered severe, then it is possible that you are having an allergic reaction or that you are sensitive to the medication and should stop taking it and consult our doctor.

Less common side effects, and ones that are considered more severe, are flu symptoms, an aching sensation over the entire body, a persistent cough and worsened allergy symptoms. The severe side effects are mainly caused by taking too much for the drug or when it is used by someone who may have an underlying health condition that may be affected by the use of this drug. Fexofenadine is not intended for children under 2, except for the treatment of hives. It should never be given to children under 6 months. If you feel like your infant needs the drug, then you should definitely consult your doctor.

Severe side effects can also begin if you have a severe medical condition. If you are receiving treatment for a different condition, it is always advisable to discuss this with our doctor during our online consultation. It is possible that the new drug will interact in some way with the other medications you are taking or with your medical condition. While many people with severe medical conditions can take Fexofenadine safely, it is best to check with our doctor first.

Severe side effects for Fexofenadine are very rare. It is wise to look for symptoms as you take the medication, especially for the first time. Pay close attention to how your body reacts and how your allergy symptoms behave. You should stop taking the medication if you feel that the side effects are having a profound effect on your health.

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