Hair loss tips

Help and advice for balding men


Unfortunately, some hair loss can be permanent, but there are several things you can do to help promote new hair growth as quickly as possible.

1. Avoid damaging your hair

Avoid using hair dyes and heated hair styling products i.e. hairdryers, hair straighteners etc. These products can damage your hair increasing hair loss. Hair that is regrowing after hair loss may be more delicate and susceptible to damage than normal hair, so it is important to be gentle with it. It is also a good idea to avoid washing your hair too often as this strips the natural nourishing oils from your hair.

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2. Eat a protein-rich diet

Protein is involved in growth and repair in the body, so is really important for hair regrowth. If the body does not get enough protein, hair growth is one of the first things, that it will cut off, to reserve protein levels for more important repairs.

3. Use moisturising hair products

Hair masks and moisturising products designed for dry or brittle hair, should help re-hydrate and protect your hair from further damage.

4. Stop smoking and avoid toxins

Smoking can be related to hair loss, as it reduces circulation and pollutes the blood, which can lead to damaged hair follicles. Stopping smoking and excessive drinking should help encourage hair regrowth.

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