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Pollen & your asthma

Pollen is a common allergy, known as hayfever, and often goes hand in hand with asthma. Hayfever affects around one in five people and can vary in severity from year to year, so it’s important to be prepared for hayfever season to keep your ast...


Dymista spray for hay fever

Dymista is a nasal spray used to treat hay fever and other allergic responses. It’s a dual treatment containing both antihistamine and steroid medicines. It’s generally more effective than taking antihistamines alone and is a good option ...


How to tell the difference between Coronavirus and Hay Fever

With the hay fever season already in full swing, the Royal College of General Practitioners has cautioned against confusing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms with hay fever. This is a timely warning, since the first peak season of grass pollen is just ...


What Is Loratadine?

Loratadine is a type of antihistamine that relieves the symptoms of an allergic reaction. You might know it as Clarityn, which is the brand name. It's used to treat the symptoms associated with hay fever, eczema, hives and conjunctivitis.&nb...


Hay fever season: how to cope with rising pollen counts

The arrival of the summer months brings plenty of fun for many of us; barbecues, trips to the beach and drinks in the park. However, for those of us with hay fever it's a different story. The summer months are when plants release pollen into the ...


Which hay fever treatment is right for me?

With so many hay fever treatments available, it can be hard to make a decision about which treatment is best. Doctors use the NICE guidelines to help them make this decision. NICE guidelines are based on research, and they tell the doctor w...


What is the hay fever treatment injection?

You may have heard about a new, injectable treatment for hay fever called Kenalog. There has been something of a scandal surrounding it, and consumers should be aware of the details.

Let’s start with what the injection is. Typically, hay fev...


What is the best hay fever rash treatment?

Hay fever can bring with it a large number of symptoms. Not everyone will experience the same ones, and one of the least common symptoms is a rash. Thankfully, you can treat that rash in much the same way you would the other symptoms of hay fever.