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If you have tried to quit smoking before, then you know how difficult it can be to truly and fully put an end to this bad habit. Lots of people quit for just a day or two at a time and then go right back to smoking. Thousands of unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking are made every day, and it leaves many smokers wondering just how long it takes to quit truly. What they should be asking is how long it will take for the cravings to subside?

The answer to that question will depend on what method you use to stop smoking and how long you previously smoked for. People who have smoked for years will have a harder time quitting, because the habit will be more ingrained and because it will take longer to get the addictive chemicals out of their body completely.

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People who use smoking cessation products that involve some form of nicotine will take longer to quit and escape cravings entirely. Since they will still be taking in nicotine, they will be addicted to what the cigarette offers. Once again, the question may need to address; Do you really want to know how long it takes to quit smoking or how long it takes to be free from nicotine addiction? They are not necessarily the same thing, especially if you are using a nicotine treatment as your form of quitting.

Let’s say you just quit cold turkey, that’s a more easily quantifiable quitting method, and we have hard facts to determine how long quitting with this method takes. If you stay off cigarettes and nicotine for two weeks, your craving should have subsided drastically. Within a few more weeks, you will only have occasional cravings. These will typically just last for a few minutes every day, and they should only appear a couple times a day.

While the nicotine may have left your body by then, there are still nicotine residuals in the form of the chemicals they turn into in the body. These even cause cravings, and you will have to wait until they are fully excreted to be free from your addiction. In a matter of months, you should have no cravings whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have to be careful. There is always the chance that being around cigarette smoke or just getting stressed out will make you crave a cigarette again. Even though you have no physical addiction to the drug anymore, your body is so used to smoking that a psychological craving may be triggered. For some people, it can take years for this particular type of craving to go away.

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