How to last longer in bed - a guide for men

Stop finishing before you want to

Many men feel that they do not last long enough in bed. They reach climax and ejaculate prematurely. While this is not so problematic for the men, it can leave their partners unsatisfied. Generally, women take longer to achieve orgasm, compared to men. Adding to this problem, if that following ejaculation, men enter a plateau phase during which they are unable to achieve an erection. This can lead to decreased self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as relationship problems.


What are the statistics about Premature Ejaculation?

One in every ten men suffers from either premature ejaculation, as discussed above, or fails to maintain an erection altogether, a condition termed as erectile dysfunction. On average, men take 5 and a half minutes for ejaculation, whereas men with premature ejaculating problems finish in less than two minutes.

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What are the causes of Premature Ejaculation?

There are two kinds of premature ejaculation, primary and secondary. Primary premature ejaculating problem begins from teenage years, when the man becomes sexually active. His initial sexual interactions psychologically condition him into finishing quickly, which becomes a lifelong issue later if it goes unnoticed in the beginning. The second kind of premature ejaculation occurs later in life, where external factors such as depression, anxiety and health, and internal health factors such as prostate disease reduce the sexual intercourse length overall.


What is erectile dysfunction?

Men who are more than 40 years of age suffer from this condition. Over 50% of men over 40 years old will experience this condition at least once in their lives. But it doesn’t just affect older men, 1 in 4 men under 40 seek treatment for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is rarely psychological, and mostly due to an underlying physical problem. These problems can include hypertension, high cholesterol levels, obesity, low levels of testosterone, diabetes and slow metabolism.


Is premature ejaculation permanent?

For most men, premature ejaculation is not permanent and lasts only for a short time. For anyone with longer-term problems with premature ejaculation, medications and psychological therapies can be supplied.


How to last longer in bed

Developing control:

One way to prolong your sexual experience is by building control. There are two ways to do so. When men feel like ejaculating or reaching climax, they can squeeze the head of the penis, in order to pause the brain from building climaxing. Another way to build control is to pause and take a deep breath when they feel like reaching climax, which again tricks the brain into pausing the internal climax building up gradually for release, which ends up in lasting experience.


Masturbation has been known to increase stamina and prolong sexual performance. Science has recorded that men who engage in healthy masturbation on a weekly basis lead better sexual lives.


While distracting yourself could be considered as cheating during the sexual intercourse, sometimes men have no other choice. In order to finish longer, men can distract themselves with projects and tasks which confuse their mind to delay the sexual climax.

Thicker condoms:

Thicker condoms reduce the sexual sensitivity in the penis. The reduction in sensitivity helps prolong the sexual experience, as the nerves present in the penile area are not as active as they would be without a condom. This leads to a slower threshold build-up in the body, delaying climax.

Slower pace:

Positions that help the partners have slower and more gentle sexual intercourse may help men delay orgasm.


Medication and treatments are available for premature ejaculation. For premature ejaculation, treatments such as EMLA cream, anaesthetic condoms and Priligy are used to improve sexual performance and encourage longer performance. Medications such as Viagra increase blood flow in the penile area, and treat men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.


Since psychological factors such as stress, depression and anxiety can be responsible for premature ejaculation, professional counselling can help improve this condition by treating the underlying psychological causes.


Other methods that may help:


The problem for prolonging often lies in women not achieving satisfaction on time. By implementing foreplay in your sexual experience, you actually make it quicker for your partner to climax quicker. This allows your partner to overlook your quick climax, and helps you both last equally in bed. If foreplay is done right, and patiently, then partners cannot only enjoy longer sexual intercourse but also a pleasurable one.


If the female partner is comfortable with her male partner finishing early, then the male partner does not even need to seek treatments. Moreover, during the sexual experience as well, proper communication can help men prolong their experience. Good communication can also help to reduce anxiety around sex, which can help improve sexual stamina.


Different sexual positions which encourage greater stimulation and pleasure for the partner may help them achieve orgasm faster.

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