How to remember to take your pill

7 tips to stop forgetting your birth control


When we wake up, the first thing we do is grab our towel and head to the bathroom for a shower and to brush our teeth. But why is it so hard to make taking the pill part of our daily routine? It is not just you; I myself am guilty of missing multiple birth control pills. The problem might not be missing one pill, but multiple in a row; that then defeats the benefits of taking the pill. I thought I would enlighten all of you today with my top 7 tips to incorporate taking the pill into your daily routine. 

In this 21st century, life can take us anywhere. One day we are working our normal 9-5 job in a glass building, and now we are in lockdown trying to keep from catching the COVID-19 virus. From busy schedules to unexpected snafus, simply anything can happen to cloud our memory getting in the way of remembering to take the pill. 

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Birth Control

There are two types of oral birth control: the combined pill and the mini (progesterone-only pill). Both these pills prevent pregnancy in their own ways and need to be taken once a day. However, the progesterone-only pill needs to be taken at the same time every day, which just makes it all the more difficult. 

Usually, both types of pills are given with a 3 week supply of active pills then either 1 week of inactive pills or a break from taking any pills to stimulate a period. Missing pills at different points during these 3 weeks can have separate ramifications on its contraceptive effects. Missing one or more pills in the first week of the birth control pack is the most critical. Although missing 1 or 2 pills here and there might not scream the need for emergency contraception, it sure can cause our heart to jump a beat, adding to the undue stress we already endure on a day to day basis. 



In this era of technology, there seems to be an app for everything, and lucky for you, there is an app for pill reminders. Lady Pill reminder app is just one of the many apps in the sea of apps. It not only reminds you when to take the pill but also has a period-tracking feature, so you do not need to keep 2 apps on your phone, taking up unnecessary storage. Give it a try and see how it improves your pill-taking habits.



If you are a busy woman with an ever-changing schedule, not knowing where the day might take you, keeping your pill sachet in your wallet might be the best idea. This way, the pill is always found on you at all times and no matter where you might be, you will always have the pill with you when the time comes. This way you’ll never have an excuse not to take them.


Morning routine 

Make taking the pill every morning as normal as brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. Everyone has a morning routine, the first thing you do as soon as your eyes open, without even thinking about it. Incorporating taking the birth control into your routine just helps you to remember taking it. Keep it next to your nightstand where your phone is with a glass of water. As soon as you wake up to turn your alarm off, take the pill then get on with the rest of your day. Easy Peasy! 


Timing is everything 

Timing is particularly important for the combined pill as taking it at the same time every day is essential. So if your daily weekday routine significantly differs from your weekend routine, you might want to come up with a reasonable timing that suits all days. This way you can sleep in on the weekend without waking up at let’s say 7 am just to take the pill. So maybe noon is a good time, just before or after lunch. 


Birth control tracker 

While Lady Pill is a birth control reminder app, it does not track your pill-taking behaviour. The Planned Parenthood Period tracker not only tracks your periods and period-related symptoms, but it also allows you to track of when you take your pills. 


Old School 

For some of us, technology is not always the answer. There is nothing wrong with going old school. I am still a sucker for planning my days on paper with little tick boxes on the side so that I can track my accomplishments as well. If you still use an old school diary or day-to-day planner, plan your birth control into your schedule. The likelihood of forgetting to take the pill when it’s written in black ink in your planner is quite low. Research has also proved that writing things down makes it less likely for us to forget it so there you go, win-win! 


No shame 

There is no shame in displaying your pill. Why should we feel the need to hide it? We are just empowering our bodies and being responsible. If you keep your pills out to see, it is more likely to jog your memory. Like they say out of sight, out of mind. So hiding your pill is just not in your favour. 

I hope these 7 tips have given you some options to choose from and fingers crossed one of them will help you never forget a pill again. 

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