Is Gedarel available over the counter?

Can you buy Gedarel without a prescription?


What is Gedarel?

Gedarel is a type of combined contraceptive pill containing both oestrogen and progesterone. It is available in two doses: 20/150mg and 30/150mg. The 20/150mg dose has a lower level of oestrogen. So, if you experience oestrogen-related side effects such as mood swings or acne, you may want to try a low-oestrogen pill like Gedarel 20/150mg.


Can you buy Gedarel over the counter?

Gedarel is not available over the counter in the UK, it requires a doctor’s prescription. However, you can get this prescription from your GP, a family planning clinic or a sexual health practice. Once you have a prescription, you can also order the pill from online pharmacies such as Dr Felix. 


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Alternative Treatments

There are a number of different contraceptive methods to choose from including:

  • Condoms
  • Femidoms
  • The diaphragm
  • The implant
  • Contraceptive patches (Evra)
  • Vaginal rings
  • Contraceptive injections (Depo-provera)
  • IUD/IUS (Mirena Coil)

You can discuss these options with your doctor or sexual health nurse to find out which may suit you best.

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