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Normal medication may not be suitable for children


Hay fever is a condition that can cause a fair amount of discomfort for both adults and children alike. While there are many options available for adults to treat the symptoms, these medications may not be suitable for treating children.  There is no cure for hay fever and all you can really do is treat your child’s symptoms. While this may be frustrating, you still need to exercise caution when treating your child and not exceed the dosage recommended for the age category that the child falls into.

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You must be particularly careful about giving any medication to children who are less than 5 years old. Always follow the advice of a doctor or pharmacist concerning the suitability of a treatment for the child concerned. Never give any medication to a child under one year of age unless advised by a medical professional to do so. The immune system of a child this age is incredibly weak and you have to be careful about what you introduce into their body.

The greatest danger of treating children with hay fever medications comes from using non-steroidal nasal medicines. These can dry out the child’s nose over the course of a few days and cause irritation and pain. If you must use a non-steroidal nasal spray for the child, be sure to limit it to just a day or two of use.

Most treatments for hay fever include either nasal sprays of some kind (such as Nasonex), or nasal drops which serve the same purpose, or eye drops (such as Optilast). In general, there isn’t much danger that you will harm your child by giving them this medication, especially if you follow the instructions and consult a doctor before giving them anything.

You do need to be careful about how these medications interact with your child’s current treatments and medical conditions. If your child has any serious medical conditions, it is advisable to discuss this with a doctor or pharmacist before you administer any medication. It can be difficult to predict how new medications will interact with the treatment they are receiving for their medical conditions.

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