Is Logynon available over the counter?

Can I get Logynon without a prescription?


What is Logynon?

Logynon is a combined contraceptive pill. It is available in two forms: Logynon and Logynon ED. A pack of Logynon ED contains 21 active pills, as usual, but also 7 placebo pills. You take the placebo pills during the 7-day break when normally you wouldn’t take any pill at all. These pills are completely inactive and are used to help you keep track of when to restart the active pills again. Logynon is most commonly taken to prevent pregnancy, but it can also be taken to alleviate painful periods or to delay your period. Logynon can be used to delay your period by taking two packs back to back. If you use Logynon ED, you should skip the placebo pills and start the active pills in the next back straight away.

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Can you buy Logynon over the counter in the UK?

Logynon is not available over the counter. All contraceptive pills in the UK require a prescription. Contraceptive pills can increase your risk of blood clots, so it is important that other risk factors for these conditions are excluded before you are prescribed the pill. Once you have a prescription, you can get the pill from your GP, an online pharmacy, such as Dr Felix or a sexual health clinic.


Alternative Treatments

There are a number of different contraceptive options. If the combined pill isn’t suitable for you, you may be able to take the progesterone-only pill or mini pill. There are also a number of non-hormonal contraceptive options available, such as condoms, the copper coil (IUD), diaphragms etc. Other hormonal options such as the contraceptive injection (Depo-provera), contraceptive patches (Evra), IUS (Mirena coil) and the implant may all be options for you to choose from. 

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