Is the mini pill available over the counter?

Can you get the mini pill without a prescription?


What is the mini pill?

The mini pill is a type of contraceptive pill that contains only progesterone. Most contraceptive pills contain both progesterone and oestrogen.


Can you buy the mini pill over the counter in the UK?

The mini pill is not available over the counter in the UK. This is because there are various factors that can affect which contraceptive method is most suitable for you. However, you can obtain the mini pill from a number of different services including your GP; an online pharmacy, such as Dr Felix; family planning clinics and sexual health service providers. Generally, the first prescription for a contraceptive pill will require an assessment from a doctor. It is then recommended that you have a pill check appointment every three months to confirm that the pill you are taking is still the best option for you.

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Alternative treatments

Most people who take the mini pill do so for contraceptive purposes. However, the combined oral contraceptive pill can also help to alleviate painful periods and it can be used for period delay. However, if you are taking the mini pill for contraceptive purposes, you should be aware of the wide variety of contraceptive options available to you:

  • Contraceptive implant
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Intraiuterine system (IUS)
  • Vaginal rings, such as NuvaRing
  • Contraceptive patches
  • Condoms
  • Diaphragms

You should speak to your doctor about all the different options to try and work out which one might be best for you.

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