Is Vardenafil available over the counter?

Can I buy Vardenafil without a prescription?


What is Vardenafil?

Vardenafil is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. It is also known as Levitra and is available in a range of doses and an orodispersible form. 


Can you buy Vardenafil over the counter in the UK?

Vardenafil cannot be bought over the counter in the UK, but it is available on prescription. You can get a prescription from your GP, or if you prefer a more discreet service, Dr Felix offers erectile dysfunction medications without the need for a face to face appointment. Simply complete an online consultation form, and a doctor will assess the suitability and safety of the medication for you. Then it will be dispatched in plain packaging with no indication of the contents inside. 


Alternative treatment options

The only erectile dysfunction medication available over the counter in the UK is Viagra Connect. Viagra Connect is a form of Viagra containing 50mg of Viagra. However, it may not be effective for everyone and you may need to try a few different erectile dysfunction treatments to find out which works best for you. Several erectile dysfunction medications are available on prescription in the UK including:

Alternative medicines and supplements are also available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, these treatments do not have a strong evidence-base behind them and the risks and benefits are not fully understood. For this reason, conventional medications are the recommended treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

Penis pumps and penis rings may also be an option if you do not want to take a medication. These are mechanical devices that help to keep blood in the erectile tissues of the penis. These can be effective, but they should be used with caution. Faulty devices can cause injury to the penis, so make sure you buy the device from a supplier you trust and that you read the instructions before use. Do not use the device if there is any sign of damage, or if you have any injury to your penis.

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