Loperamide side effects

What you should know before taking Loperamide for traveller's diarrhoea


You can use Loperamide to treat all forms of diarrhoea, but you do need to be careful about the side effects. As effective as this drug can be, misuse or even regular use can result in side effects that are less than pleasant.

The most common ones are very mild and include minor constipation, dizziness and drowsiness. Usually, these symptoms go away after some time, but if they persist, then you need to talk to the doctor to seek an alternative treatment.

More serious side effects, such as skin rashes, bloating, stomach pain and a loss of appetite can also occur. These are incredibly rare, but if they do occur, then you need to seek medical advice. Anyone of these could be an indicator that something is seriously wrong with the way the medicine in interacting with your body. Since everyone is different, it is impossible to predict which side effects will occur and their severity.

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It is also possible you might experience an allergic reaction. Your body may reject the medicine in this case, and continuing to take the drug will prove toxic to your body. You may start to suffer side effects such as itchiness, swelling or difficulty breathing, and those could be signs of an allergic reaction. If this occurs, then seek medical help right away.

Be warned that these may not be all the possible side effects. There may be interactions with medicines you are taking or other medical conditions you have, and these can be unpredictable. Discuss with your doctor the current treatment you are receiving for any pre-existing medical conditions you may have before you start to take this drug.

There may be other side effects not listed here that have not been discovered yet. It is best to take this drug according to medical advice and not to exceed the dosage recommended for you. If you suffer any side effects not mentioned here, then you should inform the doctor.

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