Acid reflux: natural treatments

Heartburn is treatable with home remedies


Acid Reflux, aka Heartburn, is treatable at home using natural remedies for both long and short term treatments.

Long term Acid Reflux Home Treatment

Long term Acid Reflux is primarily treated by making several dietary changes. Cutting back on sugar, alcohol, and caffeine is the first step. Then you can address the imbalances in your body through increasing digestive enzymes, probiotics and vitamin D. Cooking can destroy many of the natural enzymes food carry, so eating more organic raw foods and drinking fruit juices can increase your digestive enzyme levels. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that enhance your digestive function. It is important to maintain a healthy level of these. Yoghurt, sauerkraut, miso soup and kefir are all excellent sources of probiotics. Vitamin D is found in oily fish, liver, eggs and dairy products. Making these simple dietary changes can reduce Acid Reflux over the long term.

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Short term Natural Treatment for Acid Reflux

A popular short term treatment for acid reflux addresses the acidity of the stomach. Dissolving half a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water helps to rebalance the acidity of the stomach by making it more alkaline. Other treatments that are said to work are drinking half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in water; eating liquorice root, in natural or tablet form; and having chewing gum to increase your saliva, protecting the oesophagus.

Acid Reflux natural treatments offer a good alternative to synthetic acid-blocking drugs, such as Zantac or Nexium, which generally only provide short-term relief.

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