Preventing malarial infection

Ensure your well-being and safety when travelling to malaria-risk areas


If you are travelling to an area where there is a risk of malarial infection, you need to follow the given tips to ensure your safety and well-being. Malaria is a parasitic disease that can lead to deadly consequences if not treated on time. Mosquitoes are the only carriers of this parasitic disease. It is therefore necessary that you take all preventive measures to avoid getting a mosquito bite.

Take Precautionary Medicine

If you are travelling to an area where the risk for malaria is high, take precautionary medicines with you. Consult your doctor and ask him to write you a prescription just in case you encounter malaria during your holiday. If you fear a mosquito has bitten you during your stay, take your medication immediately to avoid any outbreak.

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Choose Appropriate Accommodation

If you want to travel to these areas, it is recommended that you seek out proper accommodation. Try to rent a place indoors with air-conditioning and plenty of sunlight and ventilation. Mosquitos breed more in damp and dark places. Avoid booking a place near a source of stagnant water like a lake and humid, hot areas.

Use a Mosquito Net

A mosquito net is a wonderful way to avoid mosquito bites. These nets are lightweight and wrap around your bed to keep mosquitos out. You should keep a regular check for any wear and tear on the net and also get dressed inside the net just in case. Take a mosquito net along with you in your luggage, as you may not be able to purchase one at your destination.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Mosquitoes breed in a warm and humid climate. In such temperatures, travellers are often tempted to wear sleeveless, short and light clothing. In malaria-prone places, wearing such clothing is a mistake. Mosquitoes will find it easier to bite you, and their sting can also travel through light clothing such as cotton. Long-sleeved and long-legged clothes can protect you from mosquito bites better.

Use Mosquito Sprays

There are many kinds of mosquito sprays and protections available for travellers. You can buy air sprays, that you can spray in your room before you sleep. You can buy mosquito-killing mats that keep mosquitoes out. You can buy mosquito-killing coils or electric humidifiers. You can also apply mosquito skin lotion for protection.

Stay Indoors during Dusk and Night

Plan all your travel during the day. Mosquitoes love to feed in the evening and night. For this reason, you might also notice that as the sun is setting, the number of mosquitoes increase. Stay indoors during the evening in order to avoid being infected by malaria. Also keep your windows closed during the night, and cover with a net if open.

Visit a Doctor After Your Trip

As soon as you come back from your travel, visit a doctor immediately to get all your appropriate malaria tests. Malaria can sometimes take weeks to develop. It is necessary that you visit your doctor to get checked out. If caught in time, malaria poses no serious health risk.

Know Your Facts

Read all about the country that you are planning to visit, and the risk of malaria in that area. Getting your facts straight will help you take preventive measures accordingly. If an area is risk-prone, yet not seriously dangerous, you do not want to be walking on the roads covered from head to toe in malaria-preventing clothes while others walk about freely.

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