Sildenafil 50mg vs 100mg

The difference between the different doses

According to standard recommendations, Sildenafil should be consumed an hour before commencing any sexual activity, at a concentration of 50mg. However, the tablet can be taken as earlier as four hours and as late as 30 minutes before sexual interaction. The maximum dosage of the tablet is once per day, and based on individual tolerance and effectiveness, it may be at a concentration as little as 25mg and as high as 100mg. It is recommended you start off with 50mg dosages. If you find this dose ineffective, you could try 100mg dosage. If a 50mg dosage causes unwanted side effects, or is too strong, you may choose the lower dosage of 25mg. If after adjusting the dosage of Sildenafil you still do not get the desired effects, you could consider changing to a different type of erectile dysfunction medication, such as ViagraLevitra, Cialis or Spedra. If you are unsure which brand to take, you could try an ED Trial Pack to find out which treatment suits you best.

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