What do statins do?

Understand how it lowers your cholesterol

You might already know that statins are used to lower cholesterol levels in those people who have too much LDL cholesterol. However, you may not fully understand how they work or what to really expect from them once you start taking the drug. Let’s take a closer look at these drugs that are prescribed for diabetes, coronary disease and much more and see how they can affect you.

Statins (for example Simvastatin or Pravastatin) work on your body by fighting the process that creates some of the cholesterol in your body. Your body creates cholesterol multiple ways and the statins will reduce the amount being produced, to a degree. They cannot affect all types of cholesterol or all sources of cholesterol production, but they can certainly make a difference in your body’s cholesterol levels.

By lowering your LDL cholesterol levels, you will enjoy a decreased risk of coronary disease and diabetes. Your body will function better and your heart and entire cardiovascular system will become more resilient.

Statins will work best when you use them in conjunction with regular exercise and dieting. In fact, your doctor will likely recommend that you do just that.

How Do Statins Make You Feel?

With the benefits that statins provide, there are also some potential side effects. For most people, these are fairly mild side effects, and many people experience no side effects whatsoever. You still need to be aware of the potential.

The most common side effects you’ll experience will be nosebleeds, a sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, joint pain and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Note that your symptoms might be more severe than someone else’s, and if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or you take any medication, the side effects can be exacerbated or you may experience different side effects altogether.

Less common but equally important side effects include memory loss, vision changes, easy bruising and bleeding, a ringing in the ears and liver inflammation, among others. You need to let your doctor know about any side effects that you may be experiencing and get immediate medical help for any side effects that seem severe to you.

Statins can be incredibly effective for you and help you get your cholesterol under control, but you also need to be aware that there are potential side effects and that these can be very serious. Your medical conditions may prevent you from using statins, and your doctor may have to find an alternative treatment.

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