What is holistic medicine?

Alternative medicine


Most doctors will only issue conventional medicine, i.e. prescription medicines or suggest over the counter medications. Some doctors - sometimes known as holistic doctors - also have training in complementary therapies or alternative medicine. Holistic doctors may suggest alternative/complementary medicines alongside prescription drugs.

Holistic doctors may be more common in some countries over others, depending upon the healthcare system and the regulations governing medical practice.

Holistic doctors would generally not prescribe or offer an alternative therapy, instead of a conventional treatment for a severe condition. Their reasoning is because conventional medicines always have a scientific justification. A doctor must always justify why a specific treatment was offered over another. If the treatment is supported by reputable scientific research, the justification is much simpler, than if the treatment is supported by limited research or anecdotal evidence. Conventional medicines are always backed up by scientific research, and if this research is found to be flawed, they are generally required to repeat the studies. Some complementary and alternative treatments have been explored through scientific research, with mixed results, but this is an area with relatively little funding, compared to pharmaceutical research. 


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