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What is the Hay Fever Treatment Injection?

You may have heard about a new, injectable treatment for hay fever called Kenalog. There has been something of a scandal surrounding it and consumers need to be aware of the details.

Let’s start with what the injection is. Typically, hay fever is treated with a steroidal spray of some sort. For kids, it is usually a nasal spray, while adults can use a more potent oral spray that is easily absorbed by the body. This new injectable treatment is similar, but is as much as 20 times stronger. That is an incredible amount of medication for your body, and with it comes some problems that health professionals have raised concerns about.

The NHS no longer offers this injection, but many people are going to private hospitals to continue receiving their doses of it. Part of that is spurred by a particularly awful hay fever season this year in the UK, but even so, some medical experts believe that the side effects and potential dangers of this injectable treatment are far worse than any benefits it provides.

The risks are primarily from the way the treatment opens up the body to infections. Those who receive the treatment are far more likely to become infected by numerous diseases and infections, including chicken pox and measles. Other side effects include easy bruising and bleeding, changes in heartrate, difficulty breathing, bone pain and abdominal pain.

Many doctors report that some patients who take this injection are becoming ill at a far greater rate then is normal for them. While the injection is great at treating the symptoms of hay fever, it is also burdened with a number of side effects that make the cure worse than the problem.

The level of potency offered by this treatment is unnecessary for most people, anyway. Because hay fever and other allergic reactions cannot be cured, it is not necessary to offer very potent treatments for the symptoms. The only thing that can be treated are the symptoms, and generally, the recommended dosage of steroidal spray is enough to take care of most hay fever symptoms. These include a runny, stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

If you must take this injection, it should only be for very serious hay fever symptoms and only once or twice a year. The best time to take it would be a month in advance of hay fever season and only if you know that your symptoms will be particularly serious based on previous years’ experience. If you have no history of serious hay fever or allergy symptoms, then the Kenalog injectable isn’t really necessary for you.

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