What oral herpes treatments are available?

What can I use to treat cold sores?

Oral herpes is incredibly common, and it is estimated that most people will have at least one outbreak of the virus before they reach adulthood. You should know that there is currently no cure for the virus. There is currently a vaccine in the developmental stage, but as of now, there is no working vaccine.

However, some treatments are commonly recommended, and they can be very useful at treating oral herpes.

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Uncomplicated breakouts of oral herpes will not generally require any medication as they tend to resolve on their own. If you would like to speed the process along, a cream application may help. Aciclovir and penciclovir are common ointments that can be applied to the affected area. These require daily applications and can be only somewhat effective.

In some cases of oral herpes, one may experience headaches or fever. If this is the case, doctors will tend to recommend taking some form of pain relief such as paracetamol in conjunction with your recommended oral herpes treatment.

This is a tough virus to fight, but new research has shown that antiviral treatments are the way to go for dealing with oral herpes. Patients have had greater success in combating the virus when they use famciclovir, Aciclovir, or Valaciclovir. Some of them come in tablet form, and these antiviral medications stop the virus in its tracks and speed up the healing process.

As effective as they are, they do take time to provide full benefits, but they will work faster than most topical applications.

If your outbreak is particularly severe, your doctor may prescribe more potent medications. Still, for most cases of oral herpes, the outbreak is not serious and it will clear up within a week or two on its own.

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