What to Know about IBS and Pregnancy

Women who suffer from IBS tend to have a harder time of it during pregnancy. Their symptoms usually worsen at this time, as the baby is pressed against their organs and many of the symptoms of pregnancy can aggravate IBS. Pregnant women often have bloating, gas and heartburn, which can intensify the problems IBS already creates.

On top of that, many medications that are often prescribed for IBS cannot be taken while pregnant. They may simply not be safe for the baby, and the expecting mother may be prescribed new medications by her doctor. Any woman who is pregnant and who is taking mediation of any kind should consult with her doctor to ensure that it is safe to take whilst pregnant.

There are certain measures that pregnant women can take to help alleviate some of the symptoms of IBS. The first and most important step is to drink plenty of water. That’s going to help the digestive system process food better and just improve overall health. It will also help to alleviate some of the constipation, particularly if they drink warm water early in the morning.

What also helps is tracking the foods that she eats. If the pregnant woman can keep a record of which foods she eats and when her IBS flares up, she may be able to pinpoint which foods are causing the problem. During pregnancy, there are some foods that will simply become irritating to the digestive system, and these can exacerbate IBS symptoms. By identifying them, they can be removed from the woman’s diet.

It will also help to take vitamins to supplement any mineral and vitamin loss. When people abstain from certain foods, as is common during pregnancy, they may not get some of the vitamins and minerals that they need. In those cases, it is a good idea to supplement those missing foods and nutrients with vitamins. However, the woman should only do so if she has first consulted her doctor. Certain vitamins need to be taken in moderation during pregnancy.

Avoiding stress is another great way to fight IBS during pregnancy. Pregnancy can bring its own worries and stress, and hormonal changes can often result in creating stress. Pregnant women fighting IBS need to focus on reducing stress in their lives and find ways to relax and stay calm. This will eliminate or reduce one of the most prominent IBS triggers, relieving symptoms and making pregnancy that much easier on them.

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