Why you need to try different erectile dysfunction treatments

It's not one medication fits all


Everyone is different and everyone can respond to erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments differently. With this in mind, it is a good idea to try a few different ED treatments before you settle for one in particular. Many pharmacies offer an ED trial pack so you can try out a range of popular ED treatments. If you’re trying to make a decision, here are several questions you need to answer to make sure that you find the best treatment for you.

Does the medication work for you?

Not everyone gets the same effects from medication. Viagra might work for one man, but not another. It is perfectly possible to take an ED treatment and to experience no effects at all. If this happens, there could be various reasons why. Some medications may just not work for you, but it can also take a while to adjust to new ED treatments. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the same treatment for several days in a row if you do not experience the effects you were looking for. 

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Does the dose work for you?

Some men may experience strong effects from ED treatments at a low dose, but others may need something stronger. All leading ED medications are available in a range of doses. You should start off with a low dose, but if that doesn’t work for you, you may find that a higher dose of the same treatment is much more effective. 

How quickly does it work?

Most ED treatments (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) work within 4 hours and 30 mins of taking them. This is a very wide time frame and you could fall anywhere along it. It is important to realise that you will only get an erection during this time following sexual stimulation. You can find that some treatments may work more quickly for you than others. Spedra is the only ED treatment that will work within 30 mins, with some people experiencing effects as soon as 15 mins after taking the tablet. 

How long do the effects last?

ED treatments can last for several hours. This does not mean that you have an erection for this length of time, but that you would be able to get an erection within a certain time frame, following sexual stimulation. Viagra, Spedra and Levitra can last for up to 5 hours, but Cialis can last for over 24 hours. 

Does it fit with your lifestyle? 

You need to consider how regularly you have sex and how well your treatment fits with your lifestyle. For example, if you have more spontaneous sex, Spedra or Cialis Daily may be the best options for you. Spedra could allow you to get an erection within 15-30 mins, but Cialis Daily is a daily pill that can allow you to get an erection at any point within the day. Cialis Daily is also a good option for you if you have sex every day, as it is the only ED treatment designed for daily use. Other factors such as how easily you can swallow tablets may also guide your decision on ED medication. Levitra is available in an orodispersible (chewable/dissolvable) tablet which may suit you better if you have difficulty swallowing tablets whole. 

Do you experience side effects?

As everyone can experience different positive effects from ED medication, people can also experience different side effects too. If you experience side effects from one medication, another may suit you better. It is worth keeping in mind that some side effects may disappear after you have been taking the treatment for a few days, so it’s worth persisting if your side effects are not too severe. If you experience prolonged or severe side effects you should seek medical attention. 

Does it fit with your budget?

Most ED medications are available in generic and branded form. Spedra is the only treatment that is still under patent, so is only available in a branded form. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis have the generic names Sildenafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil, respectively. There is almost no difference in the effectiveness of branded and generic medications, although some people report a slight difference in results, that is probably caused by the placebo effect. Some people have a preference for branded medications, especially since the generic versions can vary significantly in their appearance and texture etc. Other than appearance, the main difference between generic and branded medications is the price. Generic versions are usually dramatically less expensive than their branded counterparts. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, or may need to take ED medication long term, it may be best to opt for a generic treatment. 

Non-medication options

ED medication can be very effective, but some men may still struggle to find a treatment that works for them. There are various options to help you overcome ED without medication. ED can have psychological and/or physical causes. Psychological ED can be caused by depression, stress, anxiety or performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is a feeling of anxiety surrounding sex, that can involve worries about sexual health, pregnancy, body-image, self-esteem, sexual performance, pleasing your partner etc. If you feel that the cause of your ED is psychological, a counsellor, doctor, psychologist, CBT therapist or sex therapist may be able to help. 

There are various physical causes of ED, including injury, medication side effect and other health conditions. If you experience ED as a medication side effect, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor about alternative medications. 

ED caused by injury is often related to excessive cycling. Over time, cycling can put pressure on your perineum (between scrotum and anus). There are several blood vessels and nerves that run close to the perineum. These blood vessels and nerves are involved in getting and maintaining an erection, so damage to these can result in erectile dysfunction. If you believe cycling is the cause of your ED, you can replace your saddle with one that puts less pressure on your perineum, and you should always have a break from cycling if you notice any numbness or tingling around the perineum. 

Other health problems, such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes can also lead to ED> There are various ways to combat these conditions in an effort to alleviate your ED. Even if you do not want to take ED medication, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor if you have ED. Your doctor will be able to assess you for other health conditions i.e. high blood pressure and may offer you medication to help if required. Taking medication for these other health conditions may have a positive impact on your ED. Alternatively, you can make various lifestyle changes to overcome or reduce the severity of these other health conditions. Regular exercise can help lower your blood pressure, reduce your blood sugar and it can help you lose weight. Eating a healthy balanced diet can reduce your likelihood of developing any further health conditions while helping you lose weight and maintain healthy nutritional levels in your body at the same time. 

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