Aciclovir 200mg tablets are prescribed for 5 days (1 course of treatment). You have to take one tablet 5 times daily every 4 hours during the day. The full course supplied is 25 tablets to last you for 5 days. These tablets are dispersible so can be swallowed or dissolved in liquids.

DrFelix also prescribes Aciclovir cream which is used to treat cold sores on the lips, face and on the outside of the genitals. The cream relieves symptoms and offers faster healing.

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Medication Quantity Price
Aciclovir 200mg 25 to 75 tablets (1-3 outbreaks) From £9.99

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Aciclovir 200mg Tablets

Medication Quantity Price
Aciclovir 200mg 25 tablets (1 outbreak) £9.99
Aciclovir 200mg 50 tablets (2 outbreaks) £14.99
Aciclovir 200mg 75 tablets (3 outbreaks) £19.99

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Aciclovir tablets are an anti-viral medication used to treat the outbreak of cold sores. Cold sores occur due to the herpes virus, activates by triggers such as stress, fatigue and cold weather. You will normally start with feeling a sensation on the lip and symptoms can last for up to 10 days. Aciclovir helps to prevent the virus from spreading to allow the cold sore(s) to heal.

Each tablets contains Acicovir 200mg which stops the spread of the virus by preventing it from growing and multiplying.

The recommended dose to treat cold sores is one 200mg tablets 5 times a day every 4 hours.

Treatment should ideally be started as soon as the tingling begins and is required for 5 days.

Aciclovir Side Effects

Common side effects of Aciclovir include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, headache, fatigue (tiredness), skin rash, hives and sensitivity to light.
Very rare Aciclovir side effects can include hepatitis, jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes), breathing difficulties, dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, convulsions, drowsiness, slurred speech, kidney failure and various blood problems (anaemia, thrombocytopenia, leucopenia). If you experience any of these side effects, seek medical attention.

Refer to the Aciclovir patient information leaflet for a complete list of cautions and side effects.

Please read the following information carefully before starting treatment – Aciclovir tablets 200mg

Aciclovir Tablets v Cream