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This test kit enables you to collect a tiny blood sample at home and post it using the free return postage to our lab. This kit tests for several strains of HPV and is highly reliable. It is analysed using the same technology used by the NHS and blood tests done with your GP. How to collect the sample Use the lancet enclosed with the kit to prick your fingertip and collect a few blood drops. You will receive the results in 2-3 days of your sample reaching the lab. We will send you a text message (SMS) to confirm the results and if you need to take any further action.

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HPV symptoms

People infected with the strains of HPV that increase the risk of cervical cancer will not experience any symptoms. The first you may know of the virus may be symptoms of cervical cancer, such as unexplained bleeding from the vagina.

Low-risk strains of HPV may cause genital warts on the vulva, penis or anus, but these are not linked with cancer.

How to use the HPV home test kit

To test for HPV, follow the instructions provided to collect a sample from your vagina, using the swab contained within the kit. If possible, it is best to wait until 2 days after the end of your period to take the test. Send your sample back to our lab for analysis and your results will be available within a few days.

How does the HPV home test kit work?

The HPV Home Test Kit works by detecting strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) that can lead to cervical cancer. Unlike a smear test, it uses cells taken from the vagina rather than the cervix, and tests for the presence of HPV rather than cervical abnormalities.

How will I find out my results?

We will send you an SMS text message within 2-3 days of receiving your sample at the lab. The message will let you know your results and inform you if you need to take any further action.  

If I get a positive result, what should I do?

If your test result is positive, you are strongly advised to see your GP or gynaecologist as soon as possible. A positive result means you are at higher risk of developing cervical cancer, so you will be offered regular cervical screening to ensure that any abnormalities are detected early.


Is the HPV home test confidential?

Yes, the HPV Home Test Kit is completely confidential. We won’t tell your results to anyone else.

Will anyone be able to tell what’s inside the package?

No, the HPV Home Test Kit is packaged in discreet, plain packaging, with nothing on the outside to disclose what it contains.  

Is the test the same for men and women?

No, this test involves taking a sample from the vagina, so it can only be used by women or people with a vagina. There is currently no test for HPV in men. If you are male and you think you may be infected with HPV, make an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns.

Does HPV cause cancer?

Infection with some strains of HPV (Human papilloma virus) is associated with a higher risk of cervical cancer in women. HPV can also lead to anal cancer, cancer of the penis and head and neck cancer in men.  

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