Weight Loss Injection Needles

Buy needles for your Saxenda pen

You can purchase extra needles online to use with your Saxenda pens. Each pack contains 100 sterile needles and the size of each needle is 32G x 4mm.


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Prices exclude a prescription fee. This treatment requires a quick online consultation, which a doctor will review to determine if a prescription is appropriate.


What are weight loss injection needles?

Weight loss injection needles are designed to fit weight loss injection pens like Saxenda. It is very important that you use a new needle every time you use your weight loss pen. Reusing a needle can be dangerous. Always ensure you have a good supply of needles for your weight loss injection pen.

Does Saxenda come with needles?

Saxenda does not come with needles, these must be bought separately. If you are ordering through Dr Felix, you can add Saxenda needles to your order, or you can purchase Saxenda needles separately. 

How to dispose of your needles safely

To prevent injury or harm to others, needles should always be disposed of in a sharps bin. These are hard plastic boxes that will safely contain your used needles, so they can be disposed of safely. 

You can get a sharps bin from your GP or chemist, or you can select a sharps bin when you purchase Saxenda through Dr Felix. 

When your sharps bin is full, it needs to be disposed of safely. You may be able to return the sharps bin to your GP or chemist. In some areas, your local council may collect the bin from you for safe disposal. 

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