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Lymecycline is an antibiotic used to treat a range of bacterial infections, most commonly acne. Studies have shown that Lymecycline typically clears up two-thirds of visible acne.

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What is Lymecycline?

Lymecycline is an antibiotic used to treat a range of infections, including acne.

What is Lymecycline used for?

While Lymecycline is mainly used for acne, it can also be prescribed to treat bacterial infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, mycoplasma; some types of sexually transmitted infections; a type of conjunctivitis called trachoma and infections caused by fleas, ticks, lice and mites. 

How does Lymecycline work?

Lymecycline works by stopping bacteria from expanding and multiplying, eventually killing off the infection. It works particularly well against Propionebacterium acnes which is the bacteria that feeds off the sebum glands in the skin, causing spots. 

How long does Lymecycline take to work?

Lymecycline will gradually reduce the appearance of acne. You might see a difference after one week but it's likely that it will take a few weeks to take effect. 

How effective is Lymecycline?

Studies have shown that Lymecycline typically clears up two thirds of visible acne. Combining an antibiotic treatment with a suitable skin care routine will give your acne the best chance at healing. 

Lymecycline and acne scars

Lymecycline is effective for active acne but does not have an effect on acne scars. A different treatment will be needed to treat marks left by acne. 


Active ingredients

Each capsule contains 408mg of active Lymecycline.

Inactive ingredients

The other ingredients are: magnesium stearate, colloidal silica, gelatin, titanium dioxide, erythrosine, quinoline yellow and indigo carmine.

Please Note: Different generic brands of Lymecycline coudl contain different inactive ingredients than those stated above.


How to take Lymecycline

Lymecycline is usually taken once a day in the mornings. It should be swallowed whole with a medium sized glass of water. If you forget then take it as soon as you remember but do not double up your dose. 

Side Effects

Lymecycline side effects

Common side effects associated with Lymecycline are: 

  • Diarrhoea 
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Stomach pain

Other side effects include: 

  • Dizziness 
  • Disturbed vision
  • Yeast infection
  • Rash
  • Increased sensitivity to sunlight
  • Colitis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Raised pressure in the skull (severe headaches and double vision is a sign of this)
  • Problems with your liver or blood cells  


Lymecycline is not suitable if: 

  • You are under 12 years of age
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • You have problems with your kidneys
  • You are allergic to the ingredients or any other antibiotics 

Particular care should be taken if: 

  • You have problems with your liver 
  • You have myasthenia gravis
  • You have lupus erythematosus

Drug interactions

The following medicines should not be taken alongside Lymecycline as they interfere with the way it works: 

  • Aluminium salts
  • Antacids
  • Calcium supplements 
  • Iron supplements
  • Kaolin 
  • Medicines containing magnesium carbonate 
  • Magnesium salts
  • Lanthanum 
  • Sucralfate 
  • Ranitidine bismuth citrate 
  • Tripotassium dicitrato-bismuthate 
  • Zinc salts
  • Didanosine 

How to cope with Lymecycline side effects

Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated if you experience headaches or diarrhoea. If you feel sick, taking Lymecycline with or after a meal may help your stomach. Avoid rich or spicy foods while you are nauseous. Holding a hot water bottle against your stomach can feel soothing if you have abdominal pain. 

Will Lymecycline affect my contraception?

Lymecycline won't have an effect on hormonal contraception. If you experience vomiting or diarrhoea as a side effect of the medicine then this may cause the pill to become ineffective. If this happens, follow the instructions given with the contraceptive pill about using additional methods of contraception. 

Will Lymecycline give me thrush?

Taking Lymecycline can cause the Candida yeast to grow which may then develop into thrush. If this happens ask your pharmacist for advice so they can suggest an appropriate treatment that won't interfere with Lymecycline. 

Lymecycline and pregnancy

Lymecycline should not be taken during pregnancy. It can interfere with the bone growth of an unborn baby and cause staining in the development of teeth. 

Treatment Options

Using Lymecycline with other acne treatments

Lymecycline is an antibiotic and should be used in isolation for treating acne. In particular you shouldn't used it in combination with acne treatments like Isotretinoin which contain Vitamin A. 

Lymecycline vs other acne medications

Antibiotics are not usually given to treat acne in the first instance. Creams and gels such as Differin containing retinoids (a type of vitamin A which promotes healing) are common treatments for mild to moderate acne. There are also topical treatments containing erythromycin, salicylic acid and azelaic acid. If none of these treatments work then Isotretinoin is a higher strength medication which may be prescribed as the next step. 

Lymecycline vs other antibiotics

Lymecycline is generally prescribed for acne only. Different types of antibiotics work for different infections and Lymecycline is very effective in treating acne. Minocycline and Oxytetracycline are two other types of antibiotics which may be used for acne. 


Can I wear make-up with Lymecycline?

You can still wear makeup while using Lymecycline. It's recommended to choose cosmetics which are oil-free and do not clog your pores otherwise makeup may encourage your acne to get worse. 

Is Lymecycline safe for long term use?

Lymecycline is usually given as an 8 week treatment. Your doctor will schedule a check up after this time period to examine the effect it has had on your acne. Antibiotics, such as Lymecycline, are not designed for long term use and can reduce the function of the immune system.

Is Lymecycline an antibiotic?

Lymecycline is an antibiotic. It stops the bacteria that causes acne from developing into spots.

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