Migraine is a serious condition most commonly associated with a headache. These headaches can be throbbing and severe, normally along with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light.

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Medication Quantity Price
Sumatriptan 50mg tablets 6 tablets £7.95
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Imigran nasal spray 10mg 2 × 10mg sprays £23.99

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Imigran nasal spray 20mg 2 × 20mg sprays £26.99
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What is a migraine?

If you have suffered from a true migraine, you will know how painful and scary they can be. We know very little about the true nature of migraines even though there are approximately 8 million people in the UK suffering from migraines. People often confuse migraines with headache, although this is not the case as a migraine is much more serious and can be divided into three different stages. Migraine is a series of painful and restrictive events split into three stages: 1. the warning – consists of restlessness and feeling weird 2. the aura – consists of an impact on the vision, tingling on the side of the face or in the tongue and change of mood 3. the headache – pain behind the neck, eyes, side of face and all over the head The headache is usually the most severe and scary when people feel like their head is going to explode. Some people can experience other side effects alongside the headache such as vomiting, louds sounds and light. The final phase can last between a few hours to 2 full days. Migraines are a serious issue for those who suffer from it and also for family members who get concerned since it can get quite scary watching a person breakdown with a migraine.

How do migraines start?

Migraines can affect the young and the old alike. The migraine gene is considered to be the major cause is usually inherited from your parents however some people can get them spontaneously.

What are the triggers of a migraine?

Migraine brain is believed to be oversensitive to changes. Therefore any changes such as hormones, stress, different weather, and certain smells, some foods like garlic, onion or citrus, alcohol can speed up a migraine attack.

5 easy tops to avoid migraines

1. keep a log and track any triggers for your migraine and avoid them 2. Join a migraine association where specialist help and support is available and educate yourself 3. Migraines can follow a pattern so your log can include dates and times to identify any patterns 4. Although easier said than done, try not to panic during an attack and don’t stress and give yourself anxiety trying to predict the next attack 5. Find the right medicine which works for you and keep it on standby, medicine such as sumatriptan tablets are low cost and effective prescription medicine.

What are menstrual migraines?

Women often experience migraines on period and they can be really server and scary. True menstrual migraines are diagnosed if the woman suffers from a migraine anytime between a couple of days before the period to a few days after it. True period migraines are believed to occur due to the quick drop in oestrogen levels which causes a rapid change in the brain.

Migraines in men and women

Other than the menstrual migraines mentioned above, there is no difference between men or women being more prone to migraines. It is common to see pre-menopausal women to suffer from migraines three times more than men.

What medicine can you take for migraines?

You should try over the counter medicine first such as paracetamol and ibuprofen or other headache relief medicine. Some people find this to be useful, but for more serious and unbearable attacks then prescription strength sumatriptan tablets, imigran nasal sprays and the like can be very handy. Take the medicine as soon as possible for it to be really effective.

The most common side effects of Sumatriptan include dizziness, fatigue, temporary increase in blood pressure and flushing.

Refer to the patient information leaflet provided with the medicine for a full list of common and rare side effects of the medicine you are prescribed.

Don’t confuse headaches and migraines. They can be genetic inherited from your mum or dad and you can get them spontaneously and any time during your life. Women suffer more from migraines due to menstrual migraines. If over the counter medicine is not effective and especially if you have severe attacks then you should keep a course of sumatriptan tablets on standby.

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