MSM Basic STI Test Kit

This test checks for chlamydia and gonorrhoea (genital, oral and rectal) plus HIV and syphilis.

These kits are designed and recommended for men who have sex with men. The test kit will consist of a urine sample, an oral and a rectal swab sample and a tiny blood sample. You will receive full detailed instructions along with the kit on how to collect each sample and send it back to our lab in the prepaid post.

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What is included in the test kit?

The test kit comes with an oral swab, a rectal swab and a finger prick test to collect a small blood sample. You will also be provided with secure packaging to return your samples to our lab. 

What does the kit test for?

The basic MSM STI test kit tests for the following sexually transmitted infections: HIV, syphilis, chlamydia of the penis, throat and rectum and gonorrhea of the penis, throat and rectum. 

Symptoms of STIs

Sexually transmitted infections do not always produce symptoms. The only way to know for sure whether or not you have one is to get tested. The symptoms of chlamydia include a discharge from the penis and a painful, burning sensation when urinating. Gonorrhea produces a yellow or green discharge from the penis, pain or burning while urinating or a red rash on the penis. The first stage of syphilis causes a sore to appear on the area of the body that the infection was transmitted. After a few weeks you might experience a non-itchy rash, headaches, tiredness and Swollen lymph glands. If left untreated, syphilis can lead to more serious illnesses further down the line. HIV does not necessarily cause any noticeable symptoms, the main one being a weakened immune system. You can have it for a long time before it causes any health issues so it is important to get tested if you think you may have been exposed. 

How to use the test kit

The test kit contains three types of tests; a urine sample, swab sample and finger prick test to collect a blood sample. To use the urine test, wash your hands before beginning and carefully fill out the enclosed form, affixing the label to the sample vial. Squeeze the sides of the urine collection box to expand it, collecting the first half of your urine stream into the box. After you've finished, carefully pour the urine into the sample vial, ensuring you don't spill any. Screw the lid on tightly and seal it into the package provided. 

For the oral swab, wash your hands before beginning and fill out the label with your details, attaching it to the sample vial. Twist the cap on the bottle to pull out the swab, thoroughly swiping it around the tonsils, uvula and posterior wall inside of the mouth before sealing the swab sample back inside the vial. Place it into the return packaging as instructed. 

To use the rectal swab, begin by washing your hands and filling out the label provided, attaching it to the sample vial. Unscrew the cap on the bottle and pull out the swab, gently inserting it into the tip of your anus. Twist it carefully as you pull it out and slide the swab sample back into the vial, screwing the cap back on before placing the bottle into the return packaging. 

Before taking the blood sample, ensure your hands are clean, warm and dry. Use the antiseptic wipe on middle and  ring finger on your less dominant hand. Remove one of the lancets from the bag, twist and remove the blue stick. Place the lancet against the rounded tip of your finger where it will activate and puncture the skin. Wipe away the first drop of blood and massage the finger to collect a blood sample into the tube, filling it up to the line. Cover the punctured area with a plaster, screw the lid onto the tube and upend it carefully 5-10 times. Attach the label to the sample before placing it into the return packaging.   

How does the test work?

The test provides you with a urine test, oral swab, rectal swab and finger prick test. You follow the instructions included with the test to collect samples, sending them to our lab in the secure return packaging provided. Your samples will be tested for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea of the genitals, anus and throat. If you have provided your phone number you will receive a text message with your results when they are ready. 

How reliable is the test kit?

The test kit uses the same technology as the NHS so it produces reliable results provided it is used correctly. If there is any damage to your testing kit when it arrives or if the contents become compromised then let us know and we'll send you a fresh one out. 

How will I find out my results?

The results of your STI tests will be sent out as a text message or via email if you did not provide your mobile phone number.


Is the test confidential?

The test is confidential and the results will not be shared with anyone.

Will anyone be able to tell what’s inside the package?

The STI test kit arrives in plain, discreet packaging so no-one will be able to tell what's inside or where it's from. 

Why is this test particularly suitable for men who have sex with men?

This STI test kit is particularly suitable for men who have sex with men as it tests for STIs which are passed on via anal and oral sex. 

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