Weight loss tablets are used in conjunction with a clean diet to help you achieve a healthy weight. For the most effective results, use weight loss tablets with a healthy diet and a reasonable fitness regime.

The well-known weight loss tablets Xenical is the branded version of Orlistat. DrFelix offers both of these available for next day delivery. You can read more about each one but they both work in the same way. Enzymes called Lipases help digest fat in you digestive system. Weight loss pills are taken with meals and prevent lipases from breaking down and digesting fat therefore it is just eliminated in your normal bowel movements.

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Summary of available medications

Medication Quantity Price
Orlistat 120mg 84 to 168 capsules (1-2 months) From £40

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Medication Quantity Price
Orlistat 120mg 84 capsules (1 month) £40
Orlistat 120mg 168 capsules (2 months) £75

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About Orlistat

Orlistat is a type of medication used to aid weight loss and treat obesity in adults. Obesity effects approximately a quarter of adults in the UK and can have serious implications on health. It is important to initiate changes in lifestyle and overcome obesity to prevent the threat of dangerous conditions such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and certain cancers developing. Obesity is predominantly caused by consuming too much food and not exercising enough, although in some cases there may be medical conditions contributing to weight gain. Orlistat works by blocking around a third of the fat in food eaten from being digested and prevents it from being absorbed into the body. In addition to aiding weight loss, Orlistat can also effectively help reduce the possibility of regaining any weight which has already been lost. Orlistat should be used as part of a complete weight loss program including; exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet, reducing calorie intake and eating more slowly to avoid overeating.

Can I eat whatever I want when I am taking Orlistat?

There are no specific restrictions placed on any types of food you can eat, however the results experienced from Orlistat are significantly greater if combined with a reduced-calorie diet.

How quickly will I start to lose weight after beginning treatment with Orlistat?

Weight loss is generally experienced within the first 2 weeks of taking Orlistat. This usually continues for 6 to 12 months until weight stabilises and Orlistat subsequently supports the maintenance of the new lower weight.

Can children use Orlistat?

No. Orlistat should only be used by adults as its safety and suitability for children is not currently known.

Cautions for taking Orlistat

  • You may notice oil in your bowel movements within the first few days of taking Orlistat, which is harmless and is due to the elimination of undigested fat. The probability of this occurring is increased after consuming food high in fat.
  • Weight loss may impact the dose of medication taken to treat other conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.
  • Do not take Orlistat if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, allergic to orlistat or any other ingredients contained.
  • Orlistat it not suitable for patients who have chronic malabsorption syndrome or cholestasis.
  • It is recommended to use an additional contraceptive method as a precaution if you are currently using oral contraception to prevent failure in the case of severe diarrhoea.
  • Orlistat may alter the function of other medication so it is important to inform your doctor of any medicine you are currently using.

Orlistat is the active ingredient which inhibits enzymes in the gut breaking down fat to prevent absorption into the body and allowing the fat to pass through undigested.

The recommended dose is one Orlistat 120mg capsule taken three times daily with each main meal. It can be taken before, during or up to one hour after each meal.

If you miss a meal or have one which does not contain any fat, it is not necessary to take a capsule as Orlistat only works when dietary fat is present.

The most common side effects of taking Orlistat include:

  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Oily discharge
  • Flatulence with discharge
  • Liquid, oily or fatty stools
  • Low blood sugar levels (in those with type 2 diabetes)
  • Bloating
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Tiredness

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Difference Between Xenical / Orlistat / Alli

Before I can explain the difference between the Xenical, Orlistat and Alli, which are all three popular weight loss tablets, we need a basic understanding of branded medicine vs generic.

Branded medicine vs Generic medicine

You might often here these terms flying around as obtaining prescription treatments online is becoming more accessible and convenient for people with a busy lifestyle. Branded medicine is simply when a pharmaceutical company invests money into research and development of any given drug, they are given a patent for a certain time period to recuperate the costs of this research and development before any other pharmaceutical manufacturer is allowed to also manufacture the same medicine. Generic medicine is simply the same medicine manufactured by competing pharmaceutical companies after the original manufacturers patent expired.
Examples of branded & generic medicine

A popular drug is Viagra; this is originally manufactured by a company called Pfizer. Viagra is a brand name, but the actual medicine (active ingredient) in the drug is Sildenafil. Once Pfizer’s patent expired, other manufacturers could make Viagra and sell it at a much lower cost but it is sold under the generic name (based on the active ingredient) which is Sildenafil. The actual medicine is identical since pharmaceutical companies have to go through rigorous check before their drug is approved to sell to general public. But due to the fact they did not have to spend millions of pounds on research and development they can sell sildenafil at a cheaper price compared to Viagra. Although there is no difference, many people opt for the brand name e.g. Viagra because they feel it is safer but this is simply an individual’s mind-set and not a fact.

Difference between Xenical / Orlistat / Alli

Firstly we should separate the prescription medicine from the non-prescription. You can buy Alli 60mg online without a prescription and you can but this over the counter. In order to buy Xenical 120mg and Orlistat 120mg which are both twice the strength of Alli, you need a prescription. If any pharmacy is offering Xenical / Orlistat without a prescription you should avoid using such illicit websites as they can cause more harm than good since it is often fake medicine. Your health is your responsibility, so you should be using a UK registered online pharmacy with a GPhC registration number so you can be certain you are getting the same medicine as sold in community pharmacies across the whole of UK.

As described above the difference between branded medicine and generic medicine, we can now differentiate between Xenical / orlistat as Xenical being the branded medicine and orlistat being the generic version of Xenical. Both are medically identical in strength and their effects, the main difference being orlistat are cheaper than Xenical.

Similarities of Xenical / Orlistat

Both Xenical and Orlistat are licenced in the UK under weight loss tablets. Xenical / Orlistat both help the person lose weight by attaching to enzymes in your body which break down fat after you have a meal. This means the fat you consume is passed through your body without being digested which is how you gain weight. Fat has 9 calories per gram compared to carbohydrates and protein which have an average of 4 calories per gram. Both are stronger than Alli and as such the results tend to be a bit quicker using these, but a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise regime is equally as important. Having a regular exercise regime can boost the effectiveness of Xenical / orlistat. You can use either one, not both, but orlistat might be a more preferred choice for many because it is cheaper and not different from Xenical, while others who have been used to the branded Xenical may choose to pay slightly more and stick with the same.

Cautions about Xenical / Orlistat

You should speak to you doctor if:

  • You are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying for a baby
  • your body does not absorb food properly (chronic malabsorption syndrome)
  • You have diabetes
  • You have a history of cancer in your family
  • You are taking other prescription medicines or supplements

Xenical / Orlistat are not magical weight loss pills. They are clinically proven to aid you in fat loss alongside a healthy low calorie diet. You can boost your weight loss by 50% using Xenical or orlistat tablets which means for every 2lbs of fat you lose from eating healthy, Xenical / orlistat will add an extra 1lb of fat loss to this. Always refer to the patient information leaflet before taking medicine and if you experience any side effects which concern you, seek medical help.