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Rhinolast nasal spray is a prescription-only treatment for hayfever as well as pet and dust mite allergies. Rhinolast contains azelastine, an antihistamine that eases hayfever symptoms.

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What is Rhinolast Nasal Spray?

Rhinolast nasal spray is a prescription-only treatment for the symptoms of hayfever and other allergies, including pet allergies and dust mite allergies.

How does Rhinolast work?

Rhinolast nasal spray contains the active ingredient azelastine hydrochloride, a type of antihistamine. Azelastine works by preventing the release and action of histamine. Histamine is a substance released by your body when you come into contact with allergens, such as pollen, during hayfever season. This allergic reaction to pollen results in a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Rhinolast nasal spray works locally on the histamine receptors in your nose, providing relief in as little as 15 minutes.


How to use Rhinolast Nasal Spray?

Always use Rhinolast nasal spray as your doctor or pharmacist tells you to. Before using Rhinolast, blow your nose into a tissue and wash your hands. Take the cap off and press down on the pump to release a few sprays. Then spray once into your left nostril and once into your right nostril. Clean the tip and put the cap back on. If you forget to use Rhinolast, use it as soon as you remember.

Rhinolast Dosage

Your doctor will prescribe a dose that is suitable for you. The usual dose is one spray of Rhinolast into each nostril twice a day.

Side Effects

Rhinolast side effects

Rhinolast can cause side effects in some patients. Between 1 and 10 in every 100 users may experience an unpleasant taste in the back of the mouth - to avoid this, do not tilt your head back when using Rhinolast. Sometimes, this taste can cause nausea. On rare occasions, patients have reported a slight irritation inside their nose (stinging or itching), sneezing or a nose bleed. Very rarely, a patient may experience a hypersensitivity reaction, such as a rash, itching or hives.


You should NOT use Rhinolast if you are allergic to azelastine hydrochloride, or any of the other ingredients listed.

Drug interactions

If you are taking other medicines, check with your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using Rhinolast. Generally, Rhinolast is absorbed in very small amounts into the bloodstream and is unlikely to interact with other medicines.


Can I use Rhinolast if I'm pregnant?

If you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or are breastfeeding, speak to a doctor for advice before using Rhinolast.

Can I drink alcohol when taking Rhinolast?

If Rhinolast makes you feel drowsy or sleepy, you should not drink alcohol.

Can I drive when taking Rhinolast?

If Rhinolast makes you feel drowsy or sleepy, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery.


Active ingredients

The active ingredient in Rhinolast nasal spray is azelastine hydrochloride.

Inactive ingredients

The inactive ingredients in Rhinolast nasal spray are hypromellose, disodium edetate, citric acid, disodium phosphate, sodium chloride and purified water.

Which ingredients can cause an allergic reaction?

It has been reported that in less than 0.01% of cases, a hypersensitivity/allergic reaction (such as rash, pruritus, urticaria) were described by Rhinolast users. Signs and symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include lip/face swelling, chest tightness, trouble breathing, dizziness, and a rash. These symptoms might indicate you are allergic to the medication. If you experience any of these symptoms please get help right away from your local doctor or emergency room.

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