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Synphase is a combined pill that also has some non-contraceptive benefits, such as treating acne and irregular periods. We provide a 3-6 month supply of the pill with quick, discreet delivery.

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What is Synphase?

Synphase is a type of oral contraceptive taken by women to prevent unwanted pregnancies from occurring. It's a form of the pill known as the combined pill, containing two types of female sex hormones: estrogen and progesterone.

How does Synphase work?

Synphase works by releasing hormones into the womb to stop the ovaries from releasing an egg each month (ovulation). This causes the womb lining to become thinner, preventing a fertilised egg from attaching should an egg be released, and thickening the mucus surrounding the entrance to the cervix to stop sperm from entering.

How effective is Synphase?

When taken correctly, Synphase is over 99% effective.

When does Synphase start to work?

Synphase will start to work right away if you start taking it on the first day of your period. If you have missed the first day, you can take it on days 2-5 instead but the pill won't have an immediate effect. In this case you should use condoms for the first 7 days.

Synphase for non-contraceptive purposes

Synphase has some non-contraceptive benefits. It can be prescribed to treat acne and also to ease heavy, painful and irregular periods. It can also be used to treat endometriosis.

Can you use Synphase for period delay?

Synphase can be used to delay your period by skipping the pill free week in between pill strips. The combined pill is taken every day for 21 days then you wait 7 days before starting the next strip which is when you have your period. Skipping the 7 day break will delay your period until the end of the second pill strip.

Synphase for endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition which causes the womb lining tissue to grow outside of the womb, causing severe period pain and pelvic pain which can interfere with your daily life. Synphase can help to control it by suppressing menstruation, preventing the growth of this excess tissue and easing the discomfort caused.

Switching contraceptive pill

For some women, trying a few different types of the pill before finding the one that works for them may be necessary. If you are currently taking a different brand of the combined pill, wait until you reach the end of your current pill strip before starting Synphase. Take your first Synphase pill the next day, skipping the usual 7 day break. Women who are using the progesterone only pill (the mini pill) can begin Synphase at any time but will need to use condoms, or another barrier method of contraception, for the first 7 days. 

What should I do if I miss a pill?

If you miss a pill you may not be protected against pregnancy. If it has been more than 12 hours since your pill was due, take it as soon as you remember and continue with the rest of the strip as usual. You should use condoms for the next 7 days to ensure that you are protected against pregnancy. If you have less than 7 pills left in your current strip, skip the pill free week and start the next pack right away.

What should I do if I took a pill too late?

If you take your pill 12 hours later or more, this may affect your protection. In this case, use condoms for 7 days as a precaution. If it has been less than 12 hours, you do not need to worry. Continue to take the rest of your pills at the usual time.

If I have vomited, will Synphase still work?

If you vomit less than 4 hours after taking Synphase then the pill may not work. Take another one as soon as you can and then continue with the rest as scheduled. Your cycle will be one day shorter. If this is not possible, or if you continue to be sick, follow the instructions above for a missed pill. 

When can I get pregnant after taking Synphase?

If you stop taking Synphase then you are at risk of becoming pregnant right away. It's advisable to speak with your doctor or family planning clinic if you are planning to start a family. They can help to ensure you have a healthy conception.

Is it safe to take Synphase for a long time?

Synphase is safe to take long term provided you do not have any health conditions which put you at risk of a blood clot. The combined pill increases your risk of experiencing a blood clot. It's important to read the information leaflet provided which will have details on what signs to watch out for. Your doctor will also examine your medical history to ensure the pill is suitable for you before prescribing it.

When will my period start again after I stop taking Synphase?

When you stop taking Synphase, your period can take a month or two to return to normal. This is because your body is adjusting to the change in hormone levels and getting ready to ovulate naturally again.


Active ingredients

The active ingredients in Synphase are norethisterone and ethinylestradiol.

Inactive ingredients

The other ingredients contained in Synphase are maize starch, polyvidone, lactose, magnesium stearate and E132.


How to start Synphase

Synphase should be started on the first day of your period. If you start taking it on days 2-5 then you will need to use additional contraception, such as condoms, for the first 7 days. You will also need to do this if you are switching from the progesterone only pill. After childbirth, you can start taking Synphase 21 days later but this is not advisable for women who are breastfeeding.

How to take Synphase

Synphase should be taken at the same time each day. It is taken every day for 21 days (from the start to the end of a pill strip) and then you have a 7 day break before starting your new pack. The tablets should be taken in the correct order; the first one being marked “start here.” Follow the arrows to indicate which order to take them in.

The blue tablets contain 500mg of norethisterone and 35mg of ethinylestradiol and the white tablets contain 1mg of norethisterone and 35mg of ethinylestradiol. One Synphase tablet should be taken daily.

How to use Synphase for period delay

To use Synphase for period delay, run two strips of Synphase pills together, skipping the 7 day break. This means you won't have your period until the end of the second pill strip.

Side Effects

Possible side effects include: 

  • Nausea 

  • Upset stomach 

  • Cramps 

  • Breakthrough bleeding 

  • Spotting 

  • Headaches 

  • Mood changes 

  • Sore or tender breasts 

  • Decreased sex drive 

  • Depression 

  • Mood swings 

  • Weight gain 

  • Fluid retention 

  • High blood pressure 

  • Irregular vaginal bleeding 

  • Worsening of womb disorders 


If any of the following side effects occur stop taking Synphase right away and see your doctor: 

  • Coughing up blood 

  • Swelling or tenderness in the stomach 

  • Sudden sharp pain in the chest 

  • Breathlessness or painful breathing 

  • Inflamed or painful veins in the leg 

  • A migraine occurs for the first time 

  • Worsening of migraines 

  • Sudden or unusual severe headaches 

  • Dizziness or Fainting 

  • Altered sight or speech 


These could be signs of a blood clot which needs immediate medical attention. 


Signs of an allergic reaction include: 

  • Wheezing 

  • Difficulty breathing 

  • Chest pain 

  • Fever 

  • Swelling 

  • Rash 

  • Itching


Do not take Synphase if: 

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medicine 

  • You have, or have ever experienced a blood clot 

  • You have a family history of blood clots 

  • You have ever had a heart attack or stroke 

  • You have ever had angina 

  • You have high levels of fat in your blood 

  • You have ever had breast cancer 

  • You have ever had cancer of the womb, cervix or vagina

  • If you have ever experienced jaundice, pruritus or pemphigoid gestationis during pregnancy 

  • If you have ever had severe liver disease 

  • If you have unexplained vaginal bleeding 

  • If you experience severe migraines 

  • If you may be pregnant 


If any of the following circumstances apply to you, speak to your doctor before taking Synphase: 

  • Regular migraines or headaches 

  • Asthma 

  • Epilepsy 

  • Cardiovascular disease 

  • High blood pressure 

  • Kidney disease 

  • Diabetes 

  • Multiple sclerosis 

  • Tetany 

  • Breast problems 

  • Varicose veins 

  • Liver problems 

  • Severe depression 

  • Fibroids in the uterus 

  • Irregular periods 

  • Sharp abdominal pain 

  • Gallstones 

  • Sickle-cell anaemia 

  • Otosclerosis 

  • Porphyria 

  • Chloasma 

  • If you are due to have an operation 

Drug interactions

The following medications interact with Synphase and may stop it from working properly: 

  • Epilepsy medications 

  • HIV medications 

  • Hepatitis C medications 

  • Rifampicin 

  • Rifabutin 

  • Griseofulvin 

  • Modafinil 

  • St John's wort 

Always tell your doctor about any medications you are currently taking, or planning to take so that they can ensure the combination is safe. 

Treatment Options

Synphase vs the mini pill

Synphase a type of the combined pill. This means it contains both estrogen and progesterone. The mini pill is also known as the progesterone only pill, having just the one hormone as the active ingredient. This makes it suitable for many women who are unable to take the combined pill or who suffer adverse side effects as a result of taking it. The mini pill has less side effects associated with it but it must be taken on time for it to be effective. It also cannot be used to control your period or treat acne.

Alternatives to Synphase

There are a number of types of the combined pill available. If Synphase does not work for you, we stock all other available brands in the UK. The progesterone only pill is an option if you are sensitive to estrogen or experience ongoing side effects from the combined pill. Other methods of contraception include the implant, IUD or injection. These can be accessed from your GP or local family planning clinic. Condoms are freely available from sexual health clinics and are the only form of contraception which protect against STIs.

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