Weight loss tablets are an effective addition to your fat loss programme. They can help achieve results much quicker in conjunction with a fairly healthy diet and a reasonable exercise plan.

Buy weight loss tablets online from DrFelix; we offer both Xenical (branded) and Orlistat (generic) weight loss pills. Xenical and Orlistat both work in the same manner by preventing fat to digest in your system after a meal and allowing it to pass through normal bowel movements.

Xenical and Orlistat are both prescription only treatments available from DrFelix without seeing your GP face to face.

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Summary of available medications

Medication Quantity Price
Xenical 120mg 84 to 168 capsules (1-2 months) From £47.99
Orlistat 120mg 84 to 168 capsules (1-2 months) From £40

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Medication Quantity Price
Xenical 120mg 84 capsules (1 month) £47.99
Xenical 120mg 168 capsules (2 months) £89.99


Medication Quantity Price
Orlistat 120mg 84 capsules (1 month) £40
Orlistat 120mg 168 capsules (2 months) £75

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How do slimming pills work?

The weight loss treatments Orlistat and Xenical prevent your body from digesting all of the fat you consume and thereby reduce the amount of calories you take in from your food. The tablets are not effective on their own but can help you lose weight quicker if you maintain a low calorie diet and avoid snacks in between meals.

How to take the tablets

You need to take one tablet three times a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). You will need to avoid having unhealthy snacks in between your meals. You don’t need to take a tablet when you eat a meal which does not contain any fat as the tablets only limit your calorie intake from fat. Each tablet contains 120mg of orlistat, the active ingredient in Xenical. You can take the tablets before, during or up to one hour after your meal. Swallow each tablet whole with a drink of water. You are usually given a 12 week supply when you are first prescribed Xenical or Orlistat. After 12 weeks, you will need a new prescription. If you have lost 5% of your body weight or more by this time you can continue your diet and treatment. If it doesn’t change or you loose less than 5% of your weight then you will be advised to stop taking Xenical.

Who can use weight loss tablets?

Weight loss tablets are a prescription medication and a doctor needs to check whether they are suitable for you or not. Medicines are only used if your BMI is at least 30, or 28 if you have a weight-related condition, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. You won’t lose weight from taking tablets alone and they are only suitable for you if you will be adhering to a low calorie diet and exercising during your treatment. Losing Weight

Eating a healthy diet

Developing healthy eating habits isn’t as confusing or as restrictive as you might imagine. The essential steps are to eat mostly foods derived from plants and vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and limit highly processed foods. You can include some meat, fish and dairy products. While you are trying to lose weight, it is important that you limit your consumption of unhealthy and sugary foods and exercise regularly.

Cutting down on calories

The amount that you need to eat to maintain your body weight depends on a range of factors which are sex, height and how physically active you are. As a guide, men need around 2,500kcal (10,500kJ) a day to maintain a healthy body weight, and women need around 2,000kcal a day (8,400kJ). The NHS recommends that when trying to lose weight, you should reduce your calorie intake to 600 calories below the amount you need. In addition to eating a low calorie diet you need to exercise regularly, ideally three times a week for at least one hour a session.

What does “BMI” mean?

BMI is a measure that adults can use to see if they are a healthy weight for their height. Slimming tablets are only prescribed to people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 28 and higher. For most adults, an ideal BMI is in the 18.5-24.9 range.  If your BMI is 25 or more, you weigh more than is ideal for your height: • 25-29.9 is overweight • 30-39.9 is obese • 40 or more is very obese In rare cases, people who carry a lot of muscle (for example professional athletes) can have a high BMI although they are not overweight

How to Calculate your BMI?

You can calculate it very easily by dividing your weight in kilograms, your height in metres and then dividing the result by your height in metres again. For example: • If you weigh 70kg and you’re 1.75m tall, divide 70 by 1.75. The answer is 40. • Then divide 40 by 1.75. The answer is 22.9. This is your BMI. Being overweight increases your risk of many health problems, for example high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Tablets

Slimming tablets can cause side effects like abdominal pain, dizziness, discomfort in stomach and diarrhoea. They can also include oily stools, gas, flatulence and wind.
Xenical can also cause a number of less common side effects. For a full list of all possible side effects read the patient leaflet which comes with your tablets.

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